Hungry Rabbit

New iPhone and iPad game

Help the Rabbit to return home safely! And stop those sneaky rats too!

“Hungry Rabbit” is about rabbit who’s crazy about food and can’t stop until he gets a carrot… or at least a cabbage! But alone, lost and with danger awaiting him at every turn, all he wants to do is to go home to his owner. The good news is that the carrots are showing him the way… the bad news is that the rats are after the carrots too!

Help the rabbit to jump over obstacles, stop him before he hurts himself and help to get the carrots, to complete the levels and reach home safely!

“Hungry Rabbit” is an arcade/puzzle game, developed by Oxygene, small indie game studio from Latvia.

Note: no rats were hurt, and no rabbits overfed with carrots or cabbages during development! Tested only on humans!



“Expect this app to be running (hopping??) up the charts soon… so you might as well do yourself a favor and be the first kid on your block with a copy.” – AppVader

“Sure, Hungry Rabbit is cute and cuddly to look at.” – 148Apps

“A cute and colorful puzzle game with more than enough content to keep you going, just like the blue bunny.” – iPhoneGamerUK

“The game is surprising and fun to play!” – AppCroc

“The gameplay is easy to use and can be picked up by any type of iOS user, with the controls being as simple as swipe to change direction and tap to jump.” – Average App Reviews

“Hungry Rabbit is a cute little game.” –

Game features

  • Combination of puzzle and arcade gameplay
  • 116 action-filled levels in 6 chapters
  • Real-life physics
  • Challenging Game Center achievements
  • Stunning HD graphics on retina and iPad devices
  • Universal iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app. Designed specially for iOS!